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Online Rummy Games

The past year has shown a large growth in the popularity of Rummy games.

The game is available internationally in many different languages and is free to download. Players can choose to play for practice money or for real money and compete in special tournaments, added prize tournaments, special VIP member tournaments, freerolls and more!


Unfortunately finding an online casino in South Africa that offers Online Rummy Games is difficult as it is not that well known, but some of them are slowly but surely including Games of Skill into their portfolio.


The History of Rummy

We all owe a great debt of gratitude to the 17th century Chinese people for coming up with the idea of Rummy. Over the past 200 years there have been numerous card games played though few have become as popular as Rummy!


Unfortunately the details about the invention of Rummy are blurry and there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not the game of Mahjong was the proto-type for Rummy.

The most popular theory is that a Gin enthusiast from New York thought up the game in the 19th century (Gin Rummy). No matter what theory you believe in, we are all lucky that this exciting and challenging game has become so popular throughout the world!


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