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Choosing Casino Bonuses

There are as many casino bonuses and promotional offers as there are internet casinos. In fact, this is one of the primary ways that casinos use to draw new players into their fold. This is also where players can find some great opportunities to make some easy money and take advantage of the often times cutthroat competition that takes place daily between online casinos.

The first promo, or bonus, that a player is likely to encounter is the sign up or initial deposit bonus. This is the first way that a casino is going to try to entice you and depending on what they are offering you are going to let it work. There are primarily two ways that this will be presented. It will be in the form of a percentage of your initial deposit or it will be in a form of a fixed amount of cash. If it is a percentage of your initial deposit it might take the form of, “If you deposit one hundred dollars with our casino we will match you one hundred percent.” This would mean that it would take an initial deposit of at least one hundred dollars to qualify for that bonus. Always pay very close attention to the details of the bonus.

If they are offering a lump sum it might look like, “Upon your initial deposit you will receive fifty dollars to use playing whatever game you want.” This means that the casino is going to spot you fifty player’s dollars to play in their casino. This is good offer and will likely result in real money if you can leverage the player’s dollars to your favor. By choosing a good sign up bonus you can set yourself up very well right from the start. Some players choose casinos based solely on their sign up bonuses and bounce from casino to casino.

There are, however, bonuses that reward player loyalty. These take form in many ways and can also be found on virtually any online casino, albeit to varying degrees. These mainly can be found in weekly and monthly bonuses, as well as some rakeback programs. It is definitely worth investing the time to qualify for these.


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