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Blackjack Strategy Pointers

If you’re a casino regular, you probably know that beating the house edge is only possible on a few casino games, and only under special circumstances. It so happens that blackjack is one of these games. The house enjoys a rather marginal edge on blackjack to begin with, and those who use basic strategy can get that edge down to around 1%. There are special card counting techniques that one can employ to further diminish the house edge or even to turn it around completely, but in this article we’re aiming to take a look at the strategy possibilities which do not include card counting.

Also, basic strategy, which comes in the shape of rather extensive charts, isn’t exactly a cinch to memorize. When you walk into a casino, you may or may not remember basic strategy recommendations. Here are a few tips to help you cope with the situation anyway.
The first step is to allow the dealer to bust. That’s right, you have to give the guy the chance to bust. Whenever he has 4,5 or 6 on the table, his odds of busting increase. What this means for the player strategy-wise is that he should not hit unless he has a soft hand (one that can’t overshoot the mark with just one card). This course of action is not fail-proof of course, but it’s the best way to take advantage of the adverse odds that the dealer faces. As a matter of fact, it often pays to get aggressive in such situations and to push the envelope a little by splitting your hand to get more money into the middle on the favorable odds.


Another strategy recommendation concerns splitting hands. The deal is as follows: always split aces and 8s and never split 10s and 6s. In blackjack, an Ace is a very strong card, but only when it comes alone. Two aces are a measly 12, so the potential of one of your aces is completely wasted there. Split your hand so you can take full advantage of both your Aces.
Two 8s together make 16 and that in blackjack is not something you should ever strive for. Split them, this way you’ll get the chance to make two 18s which are quite a bit more valuable that your 16 – which is the worst possible hand.

The 10s shouldn’t be split up either. Together they make a 20 which is pretty much a lock that you do not want to break up. Taken alone, they’re quite valuable too, but maybe not as valuable as the 20 you have to break up for them.

Two 6s represent a no –brainer. The 12 they give you may prove to be a tricky hand, but if you split them, you get two 6s, which create the premises for two 16s, and we’ve covered it above why you do not want to hit a 16.
Taking your basic strategy charts with you to the casino for consultation may be allowed in certain locales. If you play online, just open up the charts in a separate window and take a peek any time you want to. If you’re unable to make use of your basic strategy charts for one reason or another, remember the above tips.


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